Sunday Schedule

Athletes, the numbers listed below correspond to your rankings.

Workout #4 Heat Schedule:

9:00am Men 27-31
9:10am Women 25-27, Men 25-26
9:20am Men 19-24
9:30am Women 19-24
9:40am Men 13-18
9:50am Women 13-18
10:00am Men 7-12
10:10am Women 7-12
10:20am Men 1-6
10:30am Women 1-6

Workout #5 Heat Schedule:

11:30-11:45am Men 25-31, Women 25-27
11:45-12:00pm Women 13-24
12:00-12:15pm Men 13-24
12:15-12:30pm Women 1-12
12:30-12:45pm Men 1-12

Saturday’s Schedule

Athletes, if you are lifting with us on Saturday—as most of you are—please report at 8AM so we may assign you to sessions based upon your openers. The rest of the heats for the day will be posted during the WL session.

9:00am – 12:00pm – Weightlifting Total: 3 sessions run on 2 platforms, based on opening numbers.

12:00pm – 2:00pm – Agility test + 3 minute Row for meters: heats of 5, every 8 minutes (heats announced during WL total).

2:00pm- 4:00pm – Med-Ball Toss (for distance) + Muscle-Up/Front Squat workout: heats of 10, every 12 minutes.

*All times are PST.

Meeting Update

Outlaw Open Athletes, the athlete meeting has been pushed back to 9pm. We apologize, but the American Open is running about an hour and a half behind.

Info Updates

Ok kids, I thought it would be easier to put all updates here on the site, so I don’t have to worry about your gmail throwing my message into a spam folder. Here’s some stuff…

It seems we have some problems with the Friday night meeting. We’re going to push the meeting back until 8:00pm to accommodate many of you who are lifting in the final B sessions of the AO. This should give everyone a chance to finish up and make it over (yes, you may still have your singlet on). If your flight doesn’t allow you to make the meeting, don’t worry, we’ll figure it out. However, if you can be there, this meeting is MANDATORY.

We will have one coaches pass for each of you. I’ll need you to email to let us know who your coach will be. PLEASE email him quickly, as we’re trying to make you all personalized lanyards for the event.

We will be using USAW rules for our opening lifting event, but their will not be weigh-ins. We will not be using weight classes for our scoring, and will choose our sessions depending on opening lifts. There will be a full warmup area, stocked with the bars and plates from the AO’s 2nd platform.

If you have any other questions, or did not receive an email from me today, email me directly at


The Outlaw Open.

The event will take place November 30th – December 2nd in conjunction with the USAW American Open, in Palm Springs California at the Palm Springs Convention Center. The athletes will include Games athletes, non-Games athletes, and anyone else we’d really like to see compete. There will certainly be enough balance between heavy loading and high skill movements to test the super powers of the athletes, and put on a memorable display for the spectators.

There are a few factors that make the Outlaw Open completely unique in the competition circuit.

-Athletes who are qualified to compete in the American Open will be able to participate in both competitions (assuming they are qualified for the Outlaw Open). USAW has been gracious enough to allow for the B Sessions to take place on Friday, in a two platform format. This means that anyone who is competing in both competitions will be able to Total on Friday for the American Open, and then compete in the Outlaw Open on Saturday and Sunday.

-The Outlaw Open will begin with Oly Total. This means that the first data point/scored event for all Outlaw Open competitors will be a Total. There will certainly be a slight advantage for those actually lifting in the American Open, because they will have an extra day to recover. This should inspire all competitors to at least attempt to qualify for the American Open. The Outlaw Open Total will be judged by professional judges, by the exact same standards as the American Open. And, before you even ask, NO—weight classes will not be factored in for the Outlaw Open. Trust us.

-Once all competitors Total, the classic “competitive exercise” portion of the event will begin. We will be looking to test as much as possible, and get as many data points as possible. This means we will likely have multiple scoring points for each workout/test. We need to test as many facets of the athletes as we possibly can, because we want to make sure there is no doubt who the clear cut winner should be. Why?

-There will be a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR, winner take all, first prize.